It is customary to call baking products from any type of dough, cooked in an oven or oven. However, dough fried in a pan or in deep oil is also often called baked goods.

All snacks can be divided into sweet and savory, and there are many types of baked goods within each group: pies and pies, muffins, cookies, cakes and pastries, buns and cheesecakes made from different types of dough. Homemade bread and all baked goods are also baked goods.

Traditional, unique pastries can be found in any national cuisine. But what can I say, any housewife has more than one recipe for her favorite sweet and savory pastries. So we can safely say that baking recipes are not even hundreds, but thousands!

Successful baking requires a well-regulated gas or electric oven. But its absence is not at all a reason to refuse homemade baking: a microwave oven with an oven function, a mini-oven, an airfryer and even a multicooker will perfectly cope with the preparation of many types of pastries.

The best way to measure the ingredients for homemade baked goods is a kitchen scale, but if you don't have one, a measuring cup will do.

Homemade cakes are one of the symbols of a cozy home. Happy baking!