German cuisine

German cuisine

German cuisine, as if created specifically for Germany's national drink of beer, depends on which part of the country you are talking about. In the State of Bavaria, for example, they brew their own beers and the local cuisine has its own characteristics. The common thing is the attitude towards meat.

Germans are famous for their love of pork; in German cuisine there is a variety of dishes made from it. Nowhere else is there so many varieties of pork sausages. Pork knuckle, a gastronomic hit in German cuisine, is usually served with stewed sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Boiled vegetables and legumes are also used in side dishes; the Germans love onions well fried in rings. German cuisine is characterized by strong, rich broths with dumplings, liver meatballs, noodles.

In Germany, they love bread made from various varieties of flour and the addition of sunflower seeds, pumpkin. The choice of such breads is great, as well as the famous German sausages.

Beef liver with onions and apples
Leberkese (meat bread)
Kohlrabi and apple salad with dried cranberries
Curd stollen
Mulled wine pieces
Falling curd stollen
Wonderful yeast stollen
Christmas stollen
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