Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine has a lot in common with the cuisines of the neighboring countries of the Mediterranean and the Balkans. The Greeks, as well as the Italians, grow olives and produce olive oil, which means that its role in Greek cuisine is significant. Olive oil is used in salads, in almost any appetizer (meze), and fried on it. Greek olives come in many varieties and varied flavors, the most famous varieties being Halkidiki and Kalamata. Salted olives are used in fresh vegetable salads and served separately.

As with many Balkan cuisines, cheeses are very popular in Greek. The most famous is feta. It is he who is added to the village or, as we call it, Greek salad. The world famous dzaziki sauce, based on natural yogurt.

Greek cuisine is typical southern cuisine. It is distinguished by its simplicity, healthy combinations of meat and vegetables, like in moussaka, for example. The Greeks do not spare herbs and spices for cooking, they always serve fresh white bread to the table, which can be dipped in olive oil. Seafood, especially squid, is a popular dish in Greek restaurants. Desserts are usually made with local honey and nuts.

Moussaka with zucchini
Real Greek moussaka with eggplant
Greek salad
Greek style meatballs
Moussaka in Greek with eggplant
Rizogalo (cinnamon rice pudding)
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