For every meal, for every occasion and at any time of the year, there are suitable salad recipes. Because today they are prepared from any vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, pasta, cereals and legumes, salad greens and fruits. Each stage of creating a salad - from the selection of ingredients to serving - gives room for imagination and a reason for improvisation.

Classifying salads is not an easy task, since it can be done according to different criteria. For example, according to the place that the dish occupies in the meal: salad as an appetizer, salad as a main course, salad as a dessert. Or by nationality: French salads differ from American ones, in about the same way as Indian salads differ from Korean ones. Another way to classify salad recipes is by the main ingredient: green, potato, pasta, seafood, fruit, and so on ...

The dressing in the salad is just as important as the rest of the ingredients. This is how we get salads with mayonnaise, salads with oil dressing, salads with yogurt. But what about the form of filing, because it also matters! Salads in a glass, for example, look very stylish!

Salads are so popular that some of the recipes have become classics, like Olivier salad or Caesar salad.

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