How to choose a ripe and tasty avocado in the store!

In the past ten years, this overseas miracle has won the hearts of millions. Avocado today is not just an ingredient in restaurant dishes or superfood fans of proper nutrition, it has become quite a familiar product on the daily menu.

Couscous with vegetables

Couscous is a groat of Maghreb or Berber origin, but it came out of this area long ago and is widely...

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Fish in a cheese coat

Flounder with yogurt and Fetaxa sauce - cooks quickly and is eaten just as quickly)))...

Curd cheese snack balls

A light snack made from Hochland cottage cheese with added ham and vegetables can be offered to the ...

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Diet on tea: is it really possible to lose weight on it?

People all over the world drink tea, there are hundreds of varieties (and shades) of this drink - from white to black. All of them naturally contain a large number of health-promoting substances called flavonoids. They are believed to reduce inflammation and help protect against heart disease and diabetes. But can you lose weight if you drink a lot of tea?

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All the dishes that Brad Pitt ate in the movies

December 18 is the birthday of handsome Brad Pitt. We are sure that the actor's festive table will have a lot of tasty things, because he is constantly chewing something in almost all the films in which he starred. They say that this even directly affects the success of the picture. Let's get acquainted with the favorite dishes of Brad Pitt's characters.


Not so long ago I saw the recipe for these amazing cupcakes. To say that they are delicious is to say nothing ... They are insanely tasty! Delicate ca...

Very flavorful cupcake. While it is in the oven, the aroma of lemons and pastries is scattered around your apartment - and this is excellent....

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