There are a lot of delicious dishes for lunch. The most common and useful is soup.

Soup recipes are incredibly varied. Hot and cold, light and very satisfying, transparent and thick, liquid and cream soups - soups are so different!

Soup is probably one of the most important concepts in world cooking. Not all peoples know the word "soup" (for example, it appeared in Russian only in the 18th century), but it is difficult to name a national cuisine that does not know some stew, even the most simple one. Soup recipes - thousands, if not tens of thousands. Italian minestrone, Ukrainian borscht, French pot-o-fe, German eintopf, Thai tom yam, Russian cabbage soup, Hungarian goulash, Spanish gazpacho, American clam chowder, Bulgarian tarator, Austrian taffelspitz, Georgian kharcho, Chinese ho-go ... There are many hundreds of names alone, but almost every one of these traditional soups is dozens of recipes, versions, options.

In the Mediterranean, they know recipes for soups with tomatoes, cheeses, seafood. And completely different recipes for soups in the countries of Central and Northern Europe: in the Czech Republic, Germany, Scandinavia, rich and hearty soups with the addition of legumes, smoked meats and sausages are more common. On the other hand, while the "winter" soups are usually quite thick, hearty and rich, the summer ones (Russian botvinia, Bulgarian tarator, Spanish gazpacho) are light, low-fat.

We offer you recipes for traditional soups, as well as new, completely unique recipes for soups, which have been compiled (and verified) by our editorial staff and have not been published anywhere before.