Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is fundamentally different from the cuisines of other nations, including Asian ones, with a reverent attitude to preserving the naturalness of products in dishes, special serving and etiquette.

Many Japanese dishes are prepared with raw fish, so the freshness of the ingredients is also strictly observed. Fortunately, there are opportunities for this: freshly caught seafood is sold daily in special markets. Rice is a food on its own or as a base for other dishes.

The Japanese consume a lot of noodles - wheat, rice, buckwheat. Soup based on meat broth with meat and noodles, ramen is a traditional daily meal of the Japanese at home and in restaurants. Soy products are very popular, for example, tofu is added to soups and salads.

Japanese dumplings gedza
Baked rice with shrimps
Teriyaki tofu with green onions
Beef tataki
Japanese Potato Salad or Oriental Olivier
Udon with chicken
Nigiri sushi with shrimps
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