Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine means rich, tasty and generous cuisine. Borsch, dumplings, boiled pork and gorilka - these are the first and most important ambassadors of Ukrainian cuisine abroad, and tell me, which hostess will refuse them hospitality?

The cuisine of Ukraine originated on the border of western and eastern culinary, and therefore is similar to both. So, Ukrainians, like any other Slavs, adore vegetables and cereals, cook thick filling soups from them, stew and fry them, but the manner of cooking is used in an exemplary Western manner, as in neighboring Poland and Hungary.

The greatest treasure of Ukrainian gastronomy is lard, salted and smoked; without trying it, one cannot say that he has been to Ukraine.

Ukrainian cuisine was born largely not thanks to, but in spite of. For example, the adherence of Ukrainian cooks to pork is explained by the fact that for many years the land of Ukraine was subjected to Turkish terror - and the very spirit of pork was unpleasant for the aggressors. It should be noted that, in spite of the Turks, eggplants were not grown or eaten in Ukraine for a very long time (although it is difficult to think of a better place for this); only in the second half of the 19th century did the Ukrainians taste and love them.

Fruit is good in Ukraine, and they are well prepared. Compotes, liqueurs and marinades, and cherry jam - this is what you can and should buy and take with you in Kiev, Lviv, and Poltava.

Borscht with pickled beets
Delicious lazy dumplings
Delicious dumplings with cherries
Nalistniki with cottage cheese and raisins
Poppy cakes
Cherry cheesecake
Poppy roll (unleavened)
Delicious and most beautiful dance cake with strawberry jam
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