French cuisine

French cuisine

Refined and simple, luxurious and economical, complex and logical, French cuisine has undoubtedly influenced the development of all modern European - and not only European - cooking.

Is it possible to imagine our diet without French sauces and salads, baguettes and brioches, soups and stews, cheeses and desserts? The pride of French charcuterie, all kinds of meat terrines and baked pâtés have become an economical homemade alternative to sausages and ham.

Homemade French cuisine is a provincial cuisine dictated by local products and traditions associated with them. Alsatian cuisine is as different from Bordeaux as Provence is from Burgundy.

However, as the English writer Elizabeth David asserted in her book "Cuisine of the French provinces", the real French cuisine can only be in her homeland, everything else is imitation. Perhaps it is, but this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of cooking according to French recipes!

Eggplant gratin with feta cheese
Spinach gratin with bacon and mushrooms
Tart dad with plums
Croquettes with bacon and cheese
Tian of autumn vegetables with coconut milk
Eclairs with custard and colored glaze
Salmon tartare
Veil bride
Cake "Opera" Raspberry-Pink-Anise
Terrine from salmon light salt and hot smoked muksun
Raspberry-Pistachio-Rose Cake
Crimson Boom | Crimson explosion
Rive Gauche chocolate raspberry cake
Raspberry milfey
Chocolate profiteroles (whole grains)
Ginger crème brulee
Shu pastry croquembush
Pierre Herme's fruit cake
Christmas log
Salmon in shortcrust pastry with aromatic oil
Strawberry Freesier Cake
Napoleon with custard and lingonberry
Festive Roast Duck with Cherry Porto Sauce
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