Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine is similar to the cuisines of the neighboring countries in the Mediterranean and the Balkans, but, nevertheless, it has its own characteristics. Primarily due to the requirements of Islam and the prohibitions on the use of certain products, pork, for example.

Halal is by no means a figure of speech, but the norm in Turkish cuisine. It is impossible to imagine a Turkish meal without bread, many varieties of it are baked, pita is widely known in our country.

Meat, especially lamb, is often cooked over an open fire or charcoal; in Turkish cuisine, the word kebab refers to meat dishes, and not only minced ones. Meze - hot and cold snacks are also traditional for Turkish cuisine.

Turkish Summer Eggs
Dessert kataifi
Kataifi dough
Turkish dumplings (Manti) with chickpeas cooked in the oven
Antep ezmesi
Cigar Berek from lavash
Eggplant with cheese, baked in a minced meat wrap
Mandarin pleasure-Lokum
Локма / Socket
Revani - Turkish sweetness
Yayla soup (rice soup with mint)
Fried carrot cutlets
Mackerel sarma
Chicken in nut sauce
Thin waist
Sultan kebab
Turkish potato salad
Liver from the city of Edirne
Turkish fried eggs menemen
Turkish coffee with garlic and rosemary.
Kıymalı Kabak Sandal - zucchini boats with minced meat
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