Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine is already quite well tasted by Russians, thanks to the popularity of this country as a tourist destination. The culinary traditions of Thailand have been influenced by Chinese, Indian and even Japanese cuisines. We say that bread is the head of everything, and in Thai cuisine the main dish is rice, and mainly jasmine varieties. It is to rice that meat, fish, seafood and wok-fried vegetables are served.

The peculiarity of the local cuisine is pasta, which is made by grinding various spices and herbs to a mushy state. Garlic, ginger, lemon grass, cilantro are typical for Thai cuisine.

Thai soup "Tom Yam"
Tom yum with shrimps and chili sea bass
Thai snack (MIANG KUM)
Shrimp fried rice
To-Thai milk soup
Thai style pickled cabbage
Rice cakes
Basmati brown rice with tofu, bell pepper and orange
Turkey meatballs in coconut pumpkin sauce
Tom Yam soup
Thai tortilla with banana
Rice and shrimp rolls
Sweet black rice
Fish in a crust of rice flour
Khao yam, green salad with rice
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