There are so many drink recipes that it is a good idea to start with what kind of homemade drink you want. Tea or coffee for breakfast, or maybe fresh juice - fresh? Or a milkshake? Or a trendy smoothie?

In the summer heat, it is good to refresh yourself with soft drinks - fruit drink, lemonade, cold tea or kvass. Sangria is good too! In the cold season, hot drinks will be more appropriate: cocoa or chocolate, or spicy mulled wine or grog.

At the time of preparation, do not forget about homemade alcoholic drinks - tinctures and liqueurs. And compotes and jelly from various fruits and berries are good all year round.

There is a reason for every homemade drink! Alcoholic cocktails will brighten any celebration, but there are many non-alcoholic cocktail recipes for every taste.

We have collected many homemade drink recipes. We hope you enjoy them or serve as a good reason to look for new interesting options.