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Cranberry Kissel

Cranberry jelly can be served neat, for example, for breakfast, and can also be used as a sauce for pancakes or cheese cakes. Which option to prefer is up to you, but it is definitely worth preparing such a dish. By the way, our recipe for cranberry jelly differs from many traditional ones in that it is cooked with the addition of spices - star anise and cinnamon. As a result, the dish acquires an unusually bright aroma, as well as interesting notes in the taste. And if the cranberry jelly is thoroughly cooled and supplemented, for example, with whipped cream, then you will get a wonderful dessert that will be appreciated by everyone, including the most capricious little fidgets!

Cranberry Kissel
  • frozen or fresh cranberries - 400 g
  • drinking water - 1 l
  • star anise - 1 star
  • carnation - 2 buttons
  • honey - 50 g
  • starch or rye flour of fine grinding - 4 tbsp. l.


Step 1
Prepare berries for jelly. Place the frozen cranberries in a colander and thaw. Sort fresh, rinse and pat dry on a paper towel.
Step 2
Pour the berries into a bowl and mash thoroughly with a crush. Then transfer to cheesecloth folded in four and squeeze the juice into a small scoop. Refrigerate before use.
Step 3
Transfer the cranberry pomace to a small saucepan. Pour 500 ml of water and put on high heat. Add star anise and cloves. Bring to a boil and simmer halfway over medium heat. Strain through cheesecloth. Let the broth cool and refrigerate before use.
Step 4
Put the cranberry juice in a small bowl over low heat. Add honey and, stirring occasionally, heat to a boil. Cook for 2 minutes. Dilute starch (flour) 3 tbsp. l. chilled broth. Then combine with the rest and pour into the boiling juice with honey.
Step 5
With constant stirring, bring to a boil. Cook the cranberry jelly for about two minutes until thickened. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Pour into glasses and serve warm.
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