There are a variety of recipes in cookbooks, magazines, blogs, and websites of varying degrees of credibility, from rudimentary homemade cakes to sumptuous birthday cakes made by master confectioners. Despite the variety, all cakes are made of dough and cream or other sweet filling, such as jam.

Depending on the recipe, the cake can consist of one or several layers. Most often, cakes are baked from biscuit or shortbread dough, as well as from a dough based on whipped proteins, less often from a puff pastry. For pancake cakes, you will need pancakes, and for a honey cake - cakes made from special honey dough. Ice cream cakes stand apart: they need to be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer until they are served.

Of course, everyone has different tastes: someone loves Napoleon cake, someone loves Prague, Anthill or honey cake, and someone is stubbornly looking for recipes for low-calorie cakes.

Each housewife can decide for herself whether it is convenient for her to bake one tall cake and cut it into several thin ones, or bake several thin cakes at once. You need to understand that the dough in the form will bake longer than a thin crust.

Each cake recipe contains a cream that connects and soaks the cakes, and is also used to decorate the cake. By the way, cake decorating is a special art that requires patience, dexterity and, of course, taste.