Uzbek cuisine

Uzbek cuisine

In Uzbekistan, everyone knows how to cook, and the profession of a cook enjoys indisputable respect. Uzbek girls learn culinary skills from their mothers and grandmothers, Uzbek boys from their fathers and grandfathers, and this tradition has existed since time immemorial. There are so many dishes in Uzbek cuisine that it is hardly possible to count them exactly, and they are different in each region. Lamb cooked in a thousand ways, dishes of mung bean and chickpea, the famous Uzbek soups lagman and shurpa, manti and somsa. And of course, pilaf. There are many pilafs in Uzbekistan, and for each there is a special reason and reason. In general, Uzbek cuisine is a real universe, a journey through which can take a lifetime, and this will be one of the best travel possible.

Lamb roll with turnips and chickpeas
Uzbek stuffed vegetables
Katlama fried puff pastry
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