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Duet cake

Duet cake
  • eggs 2 pcs.
  • sugar 100 g
  • milk 125 g
  • vegetable oil 115 g
  • flour 165 g
  • baking powder 5 g
  • cocoa 5 g
  • vanilla sugar 5 g
  • curd cheese 340 g
  • butter 115 g
  • icing sugar 100 g


Step 1
Pour vegetable oil into the milk and beat with a blender.
Step 2
Combine flour (150g) and baking powder with a whisk.
Step 3
Beat the eggs and sugar until fluffy.
Step 4
Prepare two cups, one with flour (15g) and the other with cocoa.
Step 5
While continuing to beat the eggs, slowly add the liquid ingredients. Then sift through the flour with baking powder and beat again.
Step 6
Cut the cake in half and cut into squares. Lubricate the squares with cream and decorate as desired.



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