Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes

Poultry in cooking is not only chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, but also heron, partridge, black grouse and other fowl.

The bird is raised for meat or eggs or both. Duck, turkey, goose, pigeon and guinea fowl, chicken, capon, chicken serve as the basis of both simple and economical dishes - regional and classic - as well as the most refined ones.

It is customary to fry, stew or boil middle-aged or large poultry. The poultry is also steamed or grilled. Poultry offal is also widely used in cooking.

Poultry is prepared for hot and cold dishes, but it is never eaten raw.

Whole carcasses and individual pieces are on sale, poultry is fresh, chilled or frozen. When buying packaged poultry, make sure that there is not a lot of liquid: it is likely that such a product has been thawed.

The choice between buying a whole bird or just one part - a leg, breast, wing, or giblets - depends on many factors. Whole poultry can be used to make some great meals for the whole family, but buying individual pieces will save you a lot of cutting time and space in the fridge.

In the preparation of any bird has its own characteristics. For example, some techniques that work for a chicken may not work for a duck, and vice versa.