Tatar cuisine

Tatar cuisine

Tatar cuisine is rich in traditions dating back to the times of the ancient state of Volga Bulgaria. Modern Tatars are descendants of the Bulgars, one of the Turkic tribes living along two large rivers - the Volga and Kama. They raised livestock, sowed grain, and fished. The horse not only served the Tatars as a labor force, its meat is still eaten along with lamb and beef. Pork is prohibited, like all Muslims.

Tatar cuisine is characterized by meat soups with flour dressings, as a rule, noodles (shurpa); dumplings are served to the festive table, always in broth. The famous belyashi, or, as they are also called, mash, is also served with broth. Under the influence of other Muslim peoples, pilaf and its variety, balish, appeared in the cuisine of the Tatars. Tatars love pastries, nuts and honey. The sweet delicacy chak-chak gained wide popularity.

Belesh Tatar pie with potatoes and meat
Goose in sour cream in Tatar style
Tatar style pies with meat and buckwheat porridge
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