If you want to stay healthy and full of energy, then you need regular morning meals. The ideal breakfast dish is porridge. Porridge is a separate, very special kind of dishes made from cereals and some legumes. It may seem that porridge is very easy to prepare, but this impression is mistaken, because it was not in vain that in ancient times there was a separate chef's specialty - the cook.

To make porridge, by and large, only two main ingredients are needed: the cereal itself and the liquid in which it will be cooked. So why does one hostess make porridge tasty, fragrant, pleasant consistency, and another - a dish that has to be eaten through strength?

In the preparation of porridge, each cereal has its own characteristics. For example, buckwheat is advised to fry in a dry frying pan to enhance the aroma of cereals, millet - pour boiling water over, pearl barley - soak for several hours. In addition, the taste of porridge directly depends on the quality of the cereal: variety, degree of maturity, dryness, freshness.

The quality of the water is no less important, because it is almost completely absorbed into the cereal during the cooking process, and does not evaporate or drain. If the porridge is cooked in milk or cream, you need to make sure that the liquid does not burn and evaporate.

Do not forget about the importance of adhering to the correct technology for preparing porridge, and about the choice of dishes: it must conduct heat evenly and keep it well.

Well, additives to cereals, in addition to salt and sugar, are a matter of taste and personal preference: buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, millet porridge with pumpkin, wheat porridge with cracklings, rice porridge with spices, corn porridge with cheese - there are no more options, you just need to find favorite combination and properly prepare delicious, healthy, nutritious porridge.

In addition to cereals, it is useful to have amlet, cottage cheese, pancakes for breakfast.