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Kataifi dough

Kataifi is an extraordinary dough that has ever been used in the preparation of a mass of various and beautiful dishes, from desserts to second hot ones. This dough is also called "Angel Hair" as it is a stretched dough (filo) cut into the finest hair strands.

Kataifi dough
  • flour 400 g
  • water 500 ml
  • chicken eggs 2 pcs.
  • salt 1 pinch (s)


Step 1
ift wheat flour into a de
Sift wheat flour into a deep container, pour in water, beat in chicken eggs, add a pinch of salt and knead the dough. Transfer the finished dough into a plastic bag and pierce the corner of the bag with a thick needle.
Step 2
eat a skillet over medium
Heat a skillet over medium heat. With quick movements, apply a thin stream of dough onto the surface of the pan.
Step 3
fter 15 seconds, use a fl
After 15 seconds, use a flat metal spatula to gently remove the strings of dough from the pan and transfer to a plate.
Step 4
epeat this procedure with
Repeat this procedure with the remaining test. You can immediately cook dishes from the finished dough, or you can store it for some time. It is better to store the dough on a flat surface, covered with plastic wrap or a towel.
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