Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine has absorbed many culinary traditions since the days when it was part of the Byzantine Empire. The names of some Bulgarian dishes remind us that the country has been under the Ottoman yoke for a long time.

Vegetables are what Bulgaria is rich in! Fresh, stewed, fried, salted, pickled and stuffed vegetables are the hallmark of Bulgarian cuisine! In the villages, simple and hearty soups with legumes and cereals (chorba) are cooked, sometimes spicy sausages or offal are added to them. Cold soup based on homemade dairy product is popular. Yogurt, a traditional Bulgarian dairy product, is also used for making sauces, while the Bulgarian cheese kashkaval and feta cheese are widely known throughout the world. Cheese is served with wine, used in fresh vegetable salads, eaten with bread for breakfast.

Meat dishes are prepared from pork, lamb, beef and poultry. Combine with vegetables and herbs, stuff vegetables with meat, fry different types of meat in special pans and stew in clay pots.

Horseradish in Bulgarian
Pie with vegetables, goat cheese and figs
Bulgarian buns with curd cream and figs
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