Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine can be compared to a Georgian song: it is just as soulful, "polyphonic", it is incredibly tasty! Khachapuri and satsivi, chakhokhbili and tkemali, lobio and kharcho - we know the names of Georgian dishes and what is meant by them. It remains only to choose what exactly from the Georgian cuisine you would like to build at the weekend in the country or outside the city "on barbecue".

By the way, about barbecue: Deli. ru offers several options for Georgian barbecue - the choice is yours.

Baked eggplant with veal from the chef of the Tkemali restaurant Zaza Shengelia
Shish kebab in eggplant
Khachapuri on the grill
Phali from champignons
Satsivi with chicken in Sochi
Ajapsandal on the grill
Baked vegetables in Georgian style
Suluguni cheese roll with vegetables
Georgian vegetable salad with walnuts
Young potatoes with dill
Grilled potatoes with adjika
Kindzmari mackerel according to the Georgian recipe
Imeretian khachapuri
Georgian bean soup with vegetables and rice
Khachapuri on a skewer
Pork skewers marinated with onions
Fastest lobio
Carrot cutlets with bulgur
Kozinaki (from sunflower seeds)
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