Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine

Italians are great gourmets and recognize only the best in food. Italy is more than two thousand types of wines, five hundred odd varieties of cheese, three hundred types of meat products, several hundred varieties of pasta ... However, this country is famous not only for products of the highest quality. Most Italians are excellent cooks. The Italian cuisine they created is unique, multifaceted, endless, inimitable; you can talk about it endlessly.

Modern Italian cuisine is divided into two parts. The first of these is “tall,” classical, la cucina classica, a legacy of an old aristocratic culture that has absorbed some elements of French culinary traditions. Another, no less interesting, is the cuisine of housewives (la cucina casalinga), peasants and bourgeois townspeople (la cucina borghese), which follows local traditions.

I must say that the culinary traditions of different regions of Italy are very different. Each region has its own types of pasta, meats, cheese and wines, as well as each region has its own recipes for salads, soups, casseroles, breads, pastries and desserts.

Lasagne with pork and potatoes
Tagliatelle alla Neapoletana
Omelet with corn and bolognese sauce
Bolognese sauce
Risotto with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil from the chef of Burger
Cheese in Cachotta
Italian cakes with cream
Mozzarella in a carriage
Frittata with potatoes, bacon and spinach
Pizza with ham
Fontina cheese
Talejo Cheese
Chicken with vegetables by Jamie Oliver
Lasagna by Jamie Oliver
Grilled Apricot Salad by Jamie Oliver
Sun-dried tomatoes
Lavash lasagna
Bruschetta with avocado guacamole and shrimps
Creamy spaghetti with chicken and mushrooms
Spaghetti with carbonara sauce
Spaghetti with carbonara sauce
Cachotta cheese with sun-dried tomatoes
Bruschetta with feta and pomegranate seeds
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