Ossetian pies

Ossetian pies

Pies have long been considered the main dish on the table among the Ossetian people, whether it is a holiday or an ordinary weekday.

Traditionally, in Ossetia, only women have always been engaged in the preparation of pies. “Sticking your hands in the dough” was considered a great humiliation for men. Pies with a thin layer of dough and juicy, abundant, but not protruding, filling are considered good, tasty in Ossetia. Thick, "meaty" pies are a sign of the hostess's inexperience.

The traditional shape of the pies is round (about 30-35 cm in diameter) or triangular.

Previously, traditional Ossetian dishes were prepared from unleavened dough mixed with water or whey. Nowadays, milk, kefir, margarine, eggs are often used to make dough, which improves the taste of pies, helps them keep freshness and splendor longer.

The filling can be different - potatoes, meat, cheese, beet leaves, pumpkin, berries, cabbage, wild garlic.

Barkad festive sweet cake
Ossetian pie with potatoes and cheese
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