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Autumn pumpkin dessert.

I found the recipe for this dessert on the pages of a famous food blogger. And just reading the composition and preparation process, I was intrigued by the unexpected metamorphosis of simple ingredients into the final result. Having prepared this dessert, you will be unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised by its amazing taste: dense soft pumpkin mousse, crumbly, barely sweet pastry dough, crunchy pieces of caramel with pumpkin seeds, all seasoned with the tenderness of cream and a charming hint of chocolate. The addiction arises instantly. But if you come to an agreement with yourself and let this dessert rest in the fridge overnight ... then in the morning you can experience even greater delight and delight with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And after such a started day will definitely be incredibly positive and lucky!

Autumn pumpkin dessert.
  • pumpkin 500 g
  • pumpkin seeds 20 g
  • flour 175 g
  • regular sugar 1 tbsp
  • butter 110 g
  • ice water 30-40 ml
  • boiled condensed milk 250 g
  • brown sugar 40 g
  • cream from 33% 200 g
  • powdered sugar (optional) 1 untop tsp
  • chocolate chips (optional) 5 g
  • a pinch of salt


Step 1
Peel the pumpkin. It's easier to do this by cutting it into slices and peeling each of the seeds and peels. We need 400-450 gr. peeled pumpkin. Then cut it into 1-1.5 cm cubes. Put in a mold (I covered it with parchment) and bake in the oven. In my oven, the pumpkin was baked at a temperature of 200 ° C in the "up-down" mode for 30 minutes. We bake the pumpkin, as we need to get rid of excess moisture in it. This is important for the correct texture of the future mousse.
Step 2
Fry the pumpkin seeds in a dry frying pan (stir them every minute). The fire is slightly above average. As soon as you hear the characteristic pleasant aroma, then they are sufficiently fried and can be removed from heat. Transfer them to a small bowl.
Step 3
Now let's cook dry caramel. To do this, pour 40 grams into a small saucepan. brown sugar. And heat on the stove without stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved. You can move the saucepan itself, helping the sugar to disperse. As soon as the sugar is completely dispersed and the mixture begins to boil, remove from heat. If you let it boil, then we get a burnt. I prefer the more toffee-creamy taste. Add pumpkin seeds immediately to the caramel and pour it in an even thin layer onto oiled parchment.
Step 4
When the caramel is hard, it will easily come off the parchment. Break off a couple of large pieces for decoration. Chop the rest into crumbs with a knife.
Step 5
We transfer to a baking sheet covered with parchment. Bake at a temperature of 180 ° C "up-down" mode until light brown. It's about 15-20 minutes.
Step 6
We get ready-made biscuits. Transfer to the wire rack and let cool completely.
Step 7
Whip the cream. In the original recipe, the cream is whipped without sugar. The dessert turns out to be quite sweet due to mousse and caramel, and not sweet cream sets off its sweetness well. But I still added half a teaspoon of powdered sugar to 200 grams. cream. Decide for yourself. In the end, I liked the slightly sweet cream.
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