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Basket with apple, lingonberry and cinnamon

The combination of apples, lingonberries and cinnamon has become a classic combination of berries and fruits, so loved by many for its unique aromatic sweet and sour taste. And sand baskets with such a filler will become a favorite delicacy not only for children, but also for adults.

Basket with apple, lingonberry and cinnamon
  • butter 150 g
  • flour 250 g
  • egg yolk 2 pcs.
  • sugar 140 g
  • salt 1 pinch (s)
  • Granny Smith apples 2 pcs.
  • lingonberry soaked 70 g
  • cinnamon 0.5 tsp
  • potato starch 1 tbsp


Step 1
Cold butter (125 gr.), Sugar (50 gr.), A pinch of salt and flour sifted through a sieve put in a deep container. Grind the contents of the container with your hands until crumbs. Add the yolks and collect the dough into one lump, cover the container with plastic wrap and refrigerate for half an hour.
Step 2
Peel the apples, chop finely and fry in butter (25 gr.). Add sugar (50 gr.) And cinnamon to the fried apples and fry until the sugar is caramelized.
Step 3
Transfer the soaked lingonberries to a saucepan, add sugar (40 grams) and, stirring constantly, bring the berries to a boil. Slowly add starch to the lingonberries, kneading thoroughly. Boil the berries for a few minutes until thickened. Transfer the finished lingonberries to the apples, mix and cool the filling.
Step 4
At this time, remove the dough from the refrigerator and let it stand for a while at room temperature. Roll out the dough carefully. Cut out circles: 6 large and 6 smaller. Grease a silicone cake pan with a little oil. With the help of large circles, form the bottom and sides of future baskets. Put the apple and lingonberry filling in each basket and cover with a smaller circle. Pinch the edges of the baskets with a fork. To release steam in baskets, make several punctures with a fork.
Step 5
Bake baskets in an oven preheated to 180 ° C for 25 minutes.
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