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Fish burgers

A light and tasty snack. Suitable for breakfast, snack, picnic.

Fish burgers
  • hamburger buns 2 pcs.
  • Processed cheese "Cheeseburger" Hochland slices 2 pcs.
  • lightly salted trout 120 g
  • sour cream 20% 4 tbsp
  • fresh cucumber 1 pc.
  • lettuce leaves 2 pcs.


Step 1
Prepare food for making burgers. Rinse lettuce leaves in running water, dry with a paper towel.
Step 2
Cut the burger buns in half lengthwise. Spread the bottom of the bun with 2 tbsp. l. sour cream.
Step 3
Cover a layer of sour cream with a leaf of lettuce. Put half of the salted fish on the salad.
Step 4
Wash the cucumber, dry, cut into thin ovals.
Step 5
Place the cucumber slices on top of the fish.
Step 6
Place a plate of Hochland Cheeseburger on top of the cucumber layer.
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