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Fontina cheese

Italian semi-hard cheese made from cow's milk. It has a soft elastic texture, a small number of unevenly distributed eyes. Medium ripened cheese.

Fontina cheese
  • milk 4 liters
  • sourdough "Hard cheese" BakZdrav 0.24 g
  • rennet "Cheese" BakZdrav 0.24 g
  • calcium chloride 10% 4 ml
  • water for diluting the enzyme 50 ml
  • calcium dilution water 50 ml
  • brine 20% (1 l of water, 250 g of salt, 1.2 ml of vinegar 6%, 10 ml of calcium chloride 10%)
  • water for washing grain ~ 1 l


Step 1
e heat milk in a water ba
We heat milk in a water bath to 31 ° C.
Step 2
prinkle the "Hard Ch
Sprinkle the "Hard Cheese" sourdough BakZdrav on the surface of the milk, let it stand for 3-4 minutes, stir, cover with a lid. We leave for about an hour.
Step 3
e add calcium chloride, d
We add calcium chloride, diluted in 50 ml of water. Mix well. Dissolve rennet "Cheese" BakZdrav in a small amount of water and add to milk. Mix gently with movements from top to bottom, without creating milk flows. Leave until a clot forms (60 minutes).
Step 4
e check the clot for a cl
We check the clot for a clean break. Cut into 1.5 cm cubes, mix gently for 15-20 minutes.
Step 5
rain 1/4 of the whey and
Drain 1/4 of the whey and leave to the grain level. We heat the same amount of drinking water (1 liter) to 63 ° C and slowly pour it into the grain until the grain temperature rises to 37-39 ° C.
Step 6
tir for half an hour.
Stir for half an hour.
Step 7
ress under a layer of whe
Press under a layer of whey for 10 minutes (this means that a plate / lid of suitable size is placed in a saucepan with grain, and a weight of 0.5 kg is placed on top).
Step 8
e fold the grain into a m
We fold the grain into a mold lined with gauze.
Step 9
e immerse the cheese in 2
We immerse the cheese in 20% brine for 12 hours, turn it over in the middle of the time.



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