2020-08-13 / test@t

Green salad with peanut butter and muesli

It is believed that the color green has a positive effect on humans. A green salad made for breakfast is a double positive charge for the whole day. In addition, this salad is prepared quickly and easily.

Green salad with peanut butter and muesli
  • lettuce - 240 g
  • nut butter - 50 g
  • roasted cashew nuts - 10 g
  • balsamic cream - 5 g
  • olive oil - 10 g
  • salt to taste
  • maple syrup - 10 g
  • dried cranberries - 20 g
  • muesli - 50g


Step 1
Wash lettuce leaves, dry and tear.
Step 2
Put muesli on a plate, lettuce leaves, dried cranberries and nuts on top.
Step 3
Pour nut butter over the salad. Add a little balsamic sauce, olive oil and maple syrup, and season with salt to taste.
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