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Halloumi - cheese for frying

This cheese can be fried in a pan and grilled with a kebab

Halloumi - cheese for frying
  • milk 5 liters
  • sourdough from BakZdrav 1 pc.
  • salt 1 tbsp
  • dried mint 2 tbsp.
  • renin 1.5 tsp.


Step 1
Pour milk into a saucepan and slowly heat up to 30-32 degrees. Turn off the fire. Add the starter culture, sprinkle it on the milk, let it dissolve for 3-5 minutes on top and mix it for 2 minutes. We wait for 30 minutes and introduce Rennin, previously diluted in water 15 minutes before application. And add to milk. Mix thoroughly and leave for 40-50 minutes until a jelly-like mass is formed.
Step 2
Let it cool and dry slightly at room temperature for a couple of hours. All) Then you can fry in a dry pan or grill!



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