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Home sub

Tuna, mixed in the right proportion with mayonnaise, gives a unique taste. Once you've tasted a tuna sandwich, you'll cook it over and over.

Home sub
  • small baguette 1 pc.
  • canned tuna 180 g
  • cucumber 1 pc.
  • tomato 1 pc.
  • salad 4 leaves pcs.
  • mayonnaise
  • carbonara sauce


Step 1
ake a baguette and cut it
Take a baguette and cut it in half. Cut each half lengthwise, open the baguette and put in the oven on the “toast” setting to make the baguette warm and slightly crispy.
Step 2
pen a can of tuna, drain
Open a can of tuna, drain off excess liquid, put in a bowl and mash the fish with a fork. Then add some mayonnaise and mix thoroughly.
Step 3
ash the lettuce leaves an
Wash the lettuce leaves and pat dry. Cut the cucumber and tomato into thin slices.
Step 4
ut everything on a warm b
Put everything on a warm baguette in layers:
Step 5
ettuce leaves,
lettuce leaves,
Step 6
anned tuna with mayonnais
canned tuna with mayonnaise,
Step 7
ieces of cucumber
pieces of cucumber
Step 8
omato slices,
tomato slices,
Step 9
nd carbonara sauce.
and carbonara sauce.
Step 10
hen cover the “sub” with
Then cover the “sub” with the second half of the baguette and serve.
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