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Historians claim that the first mention of ravioli can be attributed to the 14th century. It was then that Francesco Marco's letters spoke of an unusual dish made of stuffed boiled dough. If this product is considered a kind of pasta, then it could appear only after 5 centuries. Indeed, the name of this dish got into the dictionaries in 1841.

  • flour 200 g
  • eggs 2 pcs.
  • olive oil 1 tbsp.
  • meat (pork or beef) 250 g
  • onion 1 pc.
  • black peppercorns
  • Bay leaf
  • salt


Step 1
repare the meat filling f
Prepare the meat filling for the ravioli. To do this, peel the onion and cut into several pieces.
Step 2
ut the meat into small pi
Cut the meat into small pieces.
Step 3
ass the chopped meat and
Pass the chopped meat and onion through a meat grinder twice, add salt and mix.
Step 4
ift flour with a slide on
Sift flour with a slide on the table. In the center of the flour slide, make a small depression into which to break the eggs, add olive oil and salt.
Step 5
nead a dense, hard dough.
Knead a dense, hard dough. Form a ball out of the dough.
Step 6
o that it softens and bec
So that it softens and becomes plastic, put it in a plastic bag and leave it at room temperature for 40 minutes.
Step 7
ake a special ravioli mol
Take a special ravioli mold and rolling pin. Divide the softened dough into 4 parts. Take one part of the dough and stretch it slightly with your hands, then roll it into a thin layer. Place the finished dough on the ravioli dish.
Step 8
ut minced meat in each ce
Put minced meat in each cell.
Step 9
over the top with a rolle
Cover the top with a rolled dough layer of the same size.
Step 10
se a rolling pin to form
Use a rolling pin to form ravioli by pressing and holding the top and bottom layers together. With the remaining two pieces of dough, repeat the same procedure again.
Step 11
ut the finished ravioli o
Put the finished ravioli on a floured surface and put them in the freezer for several hours. Then put the ravioli in a plastic bag.
Step 12
our cold water into a sau
Pour cold water into a saucepan, bring it to a boil. Add salt, black peppercorns and bay leaves to boiling water. Cook the ravioli for 5 minutes. Put the finished ravioli on a plate and serve with sour cream.


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