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Sandwich with ham and cheese

Sliced bread, cheese and ham are available in all stores, making these sandwiches quick and easy to prepare. They are often the main ingredient in a packed lunch. This appetizer was first prepared in 1894. Ham and cheese sandwiches were then the only food sold in baseball parks in the United States. Hamburgers and other fast food appeared only decades later.

Sandwich with ham and cheese
  • white toast bread 4 pcs.
  • ham 4 slices
  • cheese 4 slices
  • mayonnaise
  • ketchup


Step 1
ake white toast bread and
Take white toast bread and grease it with mayonnaise and ketchup.
Step 2
ext, put a slice of ham o
Next, put a slice of ham on the toast.
Step 3
ut two slices of cheese o
Put two slices of cheese on the ham.
Step 4
over the sandwich with an
Cover the sandwich with another slice of toast bread. We do all the steps again with the remaining products.
Step 5
ut sandwiches in a prehea
Put sandwiches in a preheated sandwich maker.
Step 6
e cook them for 8 minutes
We cook them for 8 minutes. Then we take out the ready-made sandwiches, cut them and serve them hot.
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