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Sea buckthorn marshmallow

Autumn berries are natural antidepressants and will perfectly help those who for some reason decided that it was too late to expect pleasant surprises. They are stored for a long time and easily turn into preserves, jams, fruit drinks and cocktails, into that supply of energy that will help to overcome a bad mood in the autumn season. One of these antidepressants is a red, slightly impudent sea buckthorn. If you tried to collect it with your bare hands, you will undoubtedly understand what I mean. I suggest making sea buckthorn marshmallows.

Sea buckthorn marshmallow
  • applesauce 120 g
  • sea buckthorn puree 40 g
  • sugar (for puree) 130 g
  • egg white (for puree) 1 pc.
  • sugar (for syrup) 250 g
  • agar-agar (for syrup) 8 g
  • water (for syrup) 100 g


Step 1
4. Warm up the required amount of sea buckthorn puree in the microwave until slightly warm.
Step 2
5. Continue to beat the applesauce with a mixer, at low speed and at the same time pour in a thin stream of hot syrup, taking care not to get the syrup on the whisk of the mixer. Then, increasing the speed of the mixer, beat the marshmallow mass for half a minute.
Step 3
6. Add warm sea buckthorn puree to the marshmallow mass and continue to beat the mass for a minute, until clear traces of the mixer beaters appear.
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