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Snack "Cheese envelopes"

Quick and easy to prepare Hochland melted cheese appetizer with salted fish and quail eggs. Perfect for both everyday and festive table.

Snack "Cheese envelopes"
  • processed cheese "Cheeseburger" Hochland slices 6 pcs.
  • quail eggs 6 pcs.
  • lightly salted trout fillet 80 g
  • lettuce leaves 0.5 bunch
  • parsley sprig 1 pc.


Step 1
ut the quail eggs in a sa
Put the quail eggs in a saucepan with cold water and bring to a boil. Cook for 2 minutes. Remove from boiling water and put in cold water to cool.
Step 2
eel the quail eggs. Open
Peel the quail eggs. Open packages of salted fish and Hochland cheeseburger.
Step 3
ree the processed cheese
Free the processed cheese slices from the film, but do not remove from it.
Step 4
lace a quail egg in the c
Place a quail egg in the center of each slice of cheese. If the egg is unstable, then cut off a small part.
Step 5
lace pieces of salted fis
Place pieces of salted fish around each quail egg.
Step 6
onnect in pairs the oppos
Connect in pairs the opposite ends of each slice of cheese to make envelopes.
Step 7
over the dish with salad
Cover the dish with salad leaves and lay out the cheese envelopes.
Step 8
ecorate the appetizer wit
Decorate the appetizer with parsley leaves and serve.
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