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Solyanka soup with beef and sausage

Solyanka soup with beef and sausage
  • beef on the bone 800 g
  • pickled cucumbers 400 g
  • onion 1 pc.
  • tomato paste 4 tablespoons
  • boiled-smoked cervelat 250 g
  • 1 can olives
  • lemon 1 pc.
  • cream


Step 1
We take a five-liter saucepan, put the beef on the bone, fill it with cold water and put the pan on the fire. When the broth starts to boil, make the flame smaller and begin to remove the foam. Then we cook the broth over low heat for about 1 hour.
Step 2
Cut the pickled cucumbers into cubes, put them in a small saucepan and simmer in a little water.
Step 3
In a frying pan, sauté finely chopped onions in vegetable oil, then add the tomato paste and fry a little more.
Step 4
When the broth is ready, take out the meat, and after removing the bone, cut it into cubes.
Step 5
We also cut the boiled-smoked cervelat into cubes.
Step 6
Cut the olives in half.
Step 7
Add chopped meat and cervelat, stewed pickles, onions sautéed with tomato paste, and chopped olives to the finished broth, salt. Bring the soup to a boil and simmer for another 5 minutes.
Step 8
When serving, pour the soup into a plate, season with sour cream and put a slice of lemon.
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