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Spring rolls with pork, mushrooms and cream cheese

The fashion for the sushi-roll theme has passed, the turn of the gastronomy of Thailand and Vietnam has come. Asian dishes are gaining more and more popularity. The main component of any spring roll is rice paper. The fillings can be very diverse, and the spring rolls themselves can be dry, fried, baked and soaked. I propose a variant of genre spring rolls.

Spring rolls with pork, mushrooms and cream cheese
  • rice paper 4 sheets
  • lean pork 150 g
  • champignons 250 g
  • onion 1 pc.
  • cream cheese 100 g
  • salt


Step 1
Pour cold water into a deep plate. We put a sheet of rice paper in it for 50-60 seconds and put it on the table, straighten the sheet and let the water soak.
Step 2
Put the fried mushrooms, onions and pieces of pork on the edge of the sheet, spread the cream cheese on them and roll the filling into a tight roll.
Step 3
Put the rolls in a well-heated frying pan and fry them on all sides until golden brown. Transfer the fried rolls from the pan to a paper napkin and dry well.
Step 4
Put the finished spring rolls on a plate.
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