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Stuffed prunes in bacon

An interesting in its simplicity appetizer for a festive or buffet table is a baked prune stuffed with cheese in bacon. Sweet and sour prunes go well with both cheese and bacon. Cook you like it.

Stuffed prunes in bacon
  • melted Hochland cream cheese 100 g
  • pitted prunes 20 pcs.
  • uncooked smoked bacon 150 g
  • walnuts 5 pcs.
  • parsley greens to taste


Step 1
e will prepare all the ne
We will prepare all the necessary products.
Step 2
inse soft prunes with hot
Rinse soft prunes with hot water. Dry prunes should be left in hot water for half an hour, then drained.
Step 3
ut each prune lengthwise,
Cut each prune lengthwise, put a quarter of a walnut.
Step 4
ut the Hochland cream che
Cut the Hochland cream cheese into walnut-sized cubes. Add melted cheese to the nut.
Step 5
ently shape the prune ber
Gently shape the prune berry.
Step 6
ll prunes are filled with
All prunes are filled with filling.
Step 7
hen wrap the stuffed prun
Then wrap the stuffed prunes in a strip of bacon.
Step 8
ecure the edges of the ba
Secure the edges of the bacon with a toothpick.
Step 9
ransfer the prepared prun
Transfer the prepared prunes to a baking dish and place in the oven preheated to 220 degrees.
Step 10
ake prunes for 10-15 minu
Bake prunes for 10-15 minutes (to taste).
Step 11
he prunes stuffed with ch
The prunes stuffed with cheese are ready.
Step 12
t remains only to decorat
It remains only to decorate the dish with herbs (I have parsley) and you can serve it.
Step 13
aked prunes stuffed with
Baked prunes stuffed with cheese in bacon ready. Help yourself!
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