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I remember in my childhood my grandmothers' summer kitchen always smelled of vegetables and herbs. Everything was squalling, baking and boiling. The grandmothers cooked in the early morning, while it is still not hot outside. The sun also set its rays into the kitchen to look at grandmother's magic, dust and pollen from the grasses danced their magic dance in the rays of the sun, grasshoppers chirped, birds sang, it smelled of withering grass. Everything went on as usual! And I enjoyed the summer, love and care. And it seemed that it will ALWAYS be so! we called this dish "Torkovantsy". Why? I don't know ... These are cutlets with vegetables in sour cream sauce. It turns out to be a very juicy aromatic dish. With potatoes, it's such a delight! The taste of my carefree childhood.

  • minced meat 600 g
  • potatoes 400 g
  • egg 1 pc.
  • onions 2 pcs.
  • carrots 2 pcs.
  • bell pepper 1 pc.
  • tomatoes 2 pcs.
  • cream 10-20% or fat sour cream 500 g
  • salt, black pepper to taste
  • garlic clove 1-2
  • parsley


Step 1
Place cutlets in a saucepan or deep saucepan. Top with vegetables, garlic and herbs. Pour in cream or sour cream. Salt if necessary. Spice up. Simmer on the stove or in the oven for ~ 30-40 minutes.
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