2020-08-13 / test@t

Turkish semolina dessert

Delicate pudding from the available products, it literally melts in your mouth.

Turkish semolina dessert
  • milk 500 ml
  • sugar 80 g
  • semolina 6-7 tbsp
  • cocoa 2 tbsp
  • orange zest 1 pinch (s)
  • vanillin 1 pinch (s)
  • apricots 450 g


Step 1
Bring milk to a boil, add semolina, sugar and vanillin. Stir constantly, cook until cereals are ready. You should get a thick porridge.
Step 2
Divide the porridge into two equal parts. Add orange zest to one. Another cocoa.
Step 3
Remove the pits from the apricots and puree the pulp. If the apricots are not very sweet, add sugar. It can be boiled if desired, but I like the fresh taste.
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