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Cachotta cheese with sun-dried tomatoes

Semi-hard Italian fermented cheese "Ryazhenka" from BakZdrav. Sun-dried tomatoes as a filler.

Cachotta cheese with sun-dried tomatoes
  • milk 3 liters
  • rennet "Cheese" BakZdrav 0.18 g
  • sourdough "Ryazhenka" BakZdrav 0.18 g
  • calcium chloride 3 ml
  • salt 125 g
  • water 0.5 liters
  • water 50 ml


Step 1
We heat milk in a water bath to 37 ° C.
Step 2
Dissolve calcium chloride in 50 ml of water. We add it to milk. We mix.
Step 3
Sprinkle the leaven (in this case "Ryazhenka" was used) on the surface of the milk, let it stand for 3-4 minutes, stir, cover with a lid. We leave for about an hour.
Step 4
We pour off most of the whey into a separate container. We fold the grain into a mold. Add fillers (in this case, sun-dried tomatoes) if desired.
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