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Raspberry-pistachio cake

Incredibly delicious mousse cake based on the classic combination of pistachio and raspberry. At first glance, the recipe is not easy, but this cake is worth the time you spend on it. Everyone will be delighted!

Raspberry-pistachio cake
  • almond flour 125 g
  • icing sugar 125 g
  • yolks 25 g
  • eggs 165 g
  • pistachio paste 45 g
  • butter 90 g
  • proteins 90 g
  • sugar 25 g
  • corn starch 25 g
  • milk chocolate 30 g
  • pistachio paste 30 g
  • puffed rice 20 g
  • raspberry puree 200 g
  • gelatin 7 g
  • white chocolate 115 g
  • cream 33% 125 g
  • gelatin-2 10 g
  • water 20 g
  • sugar-2 75 g
  • yolk 45 g
  • pistachio paste-2 35 g
  • cream cheese 240 g
  • cream 33% -2 300 g
  • icing sugar-2 20 g


Step 1
Mix together flour, icing sugar, eggs, yolk, pistachio paste and beat until fluffy. Beat the meringue separately until the protein and sugar rush is soft. Combine both masses, gently stirring with a spatula, add starch and, last of all, add melted butter. Pour the mass into a 30x40 frame and bake on convection mode 170 ° C-20 minutes. Cut a sponge cake d 18 cm into a ring. Freeze.
Step 2
Melt chocolate with pistachio paste in a microwave oven, add rice, stir everything until smooth and distribute in a warm form over a sponge cake, freeze.
Step 3
Soak gelatin. Melt the white chocolate. In a saucepan, heat the puree without boiling and melt the gelatin in it, gradually add the melted chocolate. Pour in cold cream. Punch the mass with a blender and pour onto a crispy layer, put fresh raspberries on top and freeze.
Step 4
Soak gelatin 2 and then melt. Boil the syrup from water and sugar 2 to 121 ° C. Prepare pate a bombe from the yolk and syrup, beat the yolk until whitening, slowly pour in the syrup and beat until a white, fluffy thick mass and complete cooling. In a bowl, combine cream cheese and pistachio paste 2, heat to 70 ° C in the microwave, stirring occasionally. Melt the gelatin and pour into the hot creamy pistachio mass. Whisk cream 2 with powdered sugar 2 until soft rushes. Mix the pate a bombe with the creamy pistachio mixture. Then add whipped cream to the total mass.
Step 5
Collect the cake. Tighten the ring with plastic foil. Putting the cake upside down. Pour the mousse to the bottom, up to half of the mold, and sink the frozen biscuit in it, with a crunchy layer and raspberry cream.
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