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Baked herring rolls under a tomato cap

Herring is an undervalued fish, in my opinion. Inexpensive, but delicious. I suggest making very tasty rolls from it, which are good both cold and hot.

Baked herring rolls under a tomato cap
  • frozen herring 5 pcs.
  • horseradish TM "Maheev" 2 tbsp.
  • ketchup TM "Maheev" 2 tbsp.
  • pickled gherkins 10 pcs.
  • cheese 1 tbsp
  • salt, pepper to taste


Step 1
efrost the herring.
Defrost the herring.
Step 2
e cut the herring into fi
We cut the herring into fillets, carefully remove all the bones. Save the caviar from the fish.
Step 3
rease the fillet with hor
Grease the fillet with horseradish TM "Maheev", salt to taste and spread the cucumber on the edge.
Step 4
oll up the fillet with a
Roll up the fillet with a roll and fasten it with a toothpick.
Step 5
e mix caviar, grated chee
We mix caviar, grated cheese, salt, pepper and ketchup TM "Maheev"
Step 6
ou will get a "hat&q
You will get a "hat" for rolls.
Step 7
ut the rolls on a dry bak
Put the rolls on a dry baking sheet.
Step 8
e bake in an oven preheat
We bake in an oven preheated to 200⁰C for 20 minutes.
Step 9
erve the finished rolls o
Serve the finished rolls on toast. Garnish the rolls with mayonnaise and ketchup TM "Maheev" and pickled onions.
Step 10
he fish is juicy and tend
The fish is juicy and tender.
Step 11
njoy your meal!
Enjoy your meal!
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