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Bran biscuit with pumpkin and feta

Incredible deliciousness of biscuit, dough on bran and whole grain flour made a splash in our family - it is not only very tasty, but also healthy. And the filling of pumpkin, crispy onions, peppers and feta is simply divine!

Bran biscuit with pumpkin and feta
  • pumpkin 200 g
  • celery stalks 2 pcs.
  • onion 1 pc.
  • dried italian herbs 1 tsp
  • chopped greens 3 tbsp.
  • feta 100 g
  • cherry tomatoes 7 pcs.
  • salt 1 pinch (s)
  • vegetable oil 1 tbsp
  • ground black pepper 1 pinch (s)
  • wheat bran 70 g
  • whole grain flour 200 g
  • vegetable oil 60 ml
  • chicken eggs 1 pc.
  • water 60 ml
  • salt 1 tsp


Step 1
Beat the egg lightly, pour in vegetable oil, water, add salt.
Step 2
Gradually adding flour mixture with bran, knead the dough. We remove the dough for an hour in the refrigerator.
Step 3
In the meantime, let's start preparing the filling. Cut the pumpkin into medium-sized cubes.
Step 4
Cut the celery stalk into cubes, the onion into quarter-rings, add to the pumpkin.
Step 5
Cut the bell peppers into cubes and add to the rest of the vegetables.
Step 6
Preheat a frying pan with vegetable oil and lay out the vegetables. Fry vegetables, stirring occasionally, until the pumpkin is half cooked. Season with salt and Italian herbs and ground pepper. Cool the filling.
Step 7
Roll out the chilled dough on parchment or silicone mat. Using a plate of suitable diameter, outline the contour for the filling. Put the filling, on top place the cherry tomatoes cut into halves, feta cubes and chopped herbs (I have parsley).
Step 8
We wrap the edges of the dough, forming a biscuit, slightly pinch the dough along the edges. We put the biscuit in an oven preheated to 200 ° C for 15–20 minutes.
Step 9
Let the biscuit cool slightly and serve warm.
Step 10
Enjoy your meal!
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