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Sourdough cheese Bakzdrav

Sourdough cheese Bakzdrav
  • milk 5 liters
  • sourdough Bakzdrav / soft and pickled cheeses / 0.3 g
  • sourdough Bakzdrav rennet enzyme 0,3 gr
  • calcium chloride / it is possible without it / 1/4 tsp
  • lim.acid 1 tsp
  • lipase 1/4 tsp
  • annatto 10-15 drops


Step 1
he milk is heated to 12 °
The milk is heated to 12 ° C. Added lipase, previously dissolved in 20 ml. water, citric acid is also dissolved in 100 ml. water. Mixed well.
Step 2
e heated the water to 32
He heated the water to 32 ° C, added the leaven, I diluted the cheese in 50 ml. water, you can simply sprinkle it over the milk.
Step 3
dded annatto / if you wan
Added annatto / if you want yellow cheese, if you need white, then do without annatto / 10-15 drops per 5 liters. milk. The more drops, the more yellow the cheese will be. Stir well.
Step 4
dd rennet and calcium chl
Add rennet and calcium chloride. Mix well for 30 seconds. Cover the pan and leave it alone for 40-50 minutes until a clot forms.
Step 5
f the whey separates clea
If the whey separates cleanly from the curd, then cut into 2 cm cubes. Put the pan again on slow gas and heat to 40 ° C, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, stir for another 3-4 minutes.
Step 6
e drain the whey, transfe
We drain the whey, transfer the curd to the drushlag. Turn over every 30 minutes.
Step 7
f desired, the cheese can
If desired, the cheese can be salted or made in a salty solution, or sprinkled with salt on both sides. You can add any greens. This is someone who loves.
Step 8
e put it in the refrigera
We put it in the refrigerator. Then we cut and eat, very tasty!



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