Korean cuisine

Korean cuisine

If you like the pungent, scalding taste of food, Korean cuisine is exactly what you need! Almost everything you need to prepare real Korean food can be found in any store! The main thing is to show moderation in the amount of seasonings, especially red chili, which is often used in authentic Korean dishes. You will also need soy paste, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and sesame oil.

Our popular Korean-style carrots of varying degrees of pungency are a dish of Soviet Koreans, immigrants from Central Asia. The popularity can be easily explained: carrots are an affordable and cheap product. Yes, and preparing the dish is elementary. But kimchi, (or kimchi) specially fermented Chinese cabbage is a real symbol of Korea. Every family in South Korea has a dedicated refrigerator dedicated only to storing kimchi. This dish is considered dietary and healthy for the body, thanks to the bacteria that appear during the fermentation process. No Korean meal is complete without kimchi! Recipes in different provinces are different and ferment not only cabbage, but also other vegetables, for example, radishes, cucumbers, radishes, ordinary white cabbage. An important ingredient for making kimchi is a special shrimp sauce. It is quite possible to replace it with oyster, it is sold in stores.

Another international favorite of Korean cuisine is he. Only fresh fish and good quality meat - beef or chicken fillets are suitable for its preparation. Heh is prepared very simply, although there are many recipes. But the basic one looks like this: cut the fish or meat into thin strips, put in a container, add salt, finely chopped onions, a little vinegar or lemon juice, and if desired, soy sauce. Leave in the refrigerator for a few hours. That's all, the dish is ready! And don't be worried about serving raw meat or fish to your guests. This is a very tasty snack, especially for vodka. And you can call it raw, only conditionally.

Pork and beef, rice and vegetables, fish - these are the basic products of Korean folk cuisine. Start with simple recipes, and then, you see, learn something special.

Korean kuxi noodles
Nengmyeon noodles
Warm marinated chicken He with green onions
Glass noodles with chicken, vegetables and chapche sauce
Korean spicy rice
Korean rice tea
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