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How to fillet a herring

How to quickly and correctly cut herring into fillets? Our expert Oleg Gugunava conducts a master class on cutting salted herring. This is a very quick way: you will spend no more than 5 minutes for each fish.

How to fillet a herring
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Step 1
Place the knife in the plane of the table just above the spine. Holding the fish with your palm, cut off the fillets.
Step 2
Cut the backbone from the second piece of herring by placing a knife under it. Press the fish with your other hand, and press the knife to the spine.
Step 3
Slide the knife under the rib bones. Press down on the fish with your other hand, and press the knife against the bones from below. Cut the bones along with the dark film.
Step 4
Pick up the edge of the skin with a knife and, gently pulling in the other direction, remove it.
Step 5
Fin left on one fillet. Pry it up so the skin comes off more easily.
Step 6
Slice the herring across to make it easy to eat.
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