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Whole grain bagels with chocolate

Croissant is one of the most attractive types of sweet pastries. Despite the variety and simplicity of making this Austrian bun (yes, it was not the French who baked the first croissant), not many people bake it at home. It is especially difficult for connoisseurs of whole-grain and yeast-free baking, because this turns out to be not too airy and slightly grayish in color. However, if you know firsthand about the dangers of refined foods and thermophilic yeast, and are also ready to make friends with healthy baked goods, this recipe is for you! Whole grain bagels turned out to be a really tasty find and helped to realize a little culinary dream - to create harmless and delicious croissants! :)

Whole grain bagels with chocolate
  • whole wheat flour 180 g
  • water 95 ml
  • butter 45 g
  • chocolate 50 g
  • walnuts 40 g
  • chicken egg 1 pc.
  • icing sugar 20 g
  • citric acid 2 g
  • baking soda 3 g
  • salt 2 g


Step 1
Chop chocolate and dried nuts (walnuts / almonds / hazelnuts). Place the filling evenly in the center of the triangles and roll the bagels from base to top, gently tucking the edges inward.
Step 2
Brush the surface of the bagels with a beaten egg and place in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove the gilded bagels from the oven, cool slightly and sprinkle with powdered brown sugar.
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