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Cookies "Lakomka"

Delicate sweet treat!

Cookies "Lakomka"
  • cottage cheese 200 g
  • margarine 250 g
  • flour 350 g
  • egg 1 pc.
  • granulated sugar to taste
  • candied fruits 25 pcs.


Step 1
p>Using a mixer, beat the

Using a mixer, beat the cottage cheese, softened margarine and wheat flour.

Step 2
p>Roll out the resulting

Roll out the resulting dough. We cut out large circles from it using an ordinary glass, and using a stack we cut out small circles from the dough.

Step 3
p>Cover the baking sheet

Cover the baking sheet with baking paper. We spread large circles on paper. Beat the egg with a fork. First, dip the small circles in a beaten egg, then roll them in granulated sugar and lay them on top of the large circles.

Step 4
p>Put one candied fruit o

Put one candied fruit on top of each cookie. We put a baking sheet with cookies in the oven and bake the “gourmet” at 180 ° C.

Step 5
p>When the cookies are go

When the cookies are golden brown, take them out of the oven and let them cool completely.

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