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Fish okroshka with Far Eastern scallop, cucumber and daikon

Fish okroshka is a delicate and delicate dish that must be served cold. Low-fat cream perfectly emphasizes the sweet taste of the Far Eastern scallop, and the accompaniment of cucumber and radish brings back pleasant memories of your favorite summer dish.

Fish okroshka with Far Eastern scallop, cucumber and daikon
  • Far Eastern scallop - 250 g
  • fresh cucumber - 80 g
  • celery root - 80 g
  • daikon - 80 g
  • dill - 80 g
  • vegetable oil - 120 ml.
  • cream 22% - 100 g
  • cornflower flowers - 5 g
  • herring caviar -25 g
  • green siblet onion -10 g
  • wine vinegar - 20 ml.
  • sugar - 20 g
  • salt - 5 g
  • water - 100 ml


Step 1
For pickled celery, prepare the marinade: bring 100 ml of water, sugar, salt and vinegar to a boil, pour in the diced celery, cool.
Step 2
To prepare the dill oil, beat the oil with the dill in a blender at high speed for 12 minutes.
Step 3
To prepare daikon ribbons, cut it into thin slices, place cornflowers and dill between them.
Step 4
Cut the scallop and fresh cucumber into cubes, add the pickled celery root, salt and put in a molding ring. At the top we lay out daikon ribbons beautifully. Top with sauce made from butter with dill, low-fat cream, herring roe and sibulet onion.
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